Have Your Crystal Charged With Tachyon Reiki

Today is the day! Have one crystal charged with Tachyon Reiki, at no cost (see link at end of post for information about Tachyon Reiki).Here’s how to participate:

1. Make sure the crystal is cleared. If you do not know how to do this, google it to find lots of good ideas.

2. Bring up this post on your computer or phone.

3. Hold crystal in your left hand in front of the computer or phone, with your palm up. If crystal is too big to hold, set it in front of the computer or phone and touch it with your left hand.

4. State out loud or silently: In accordance with the highest good of this crystal, my highest good, and the highest good of all concerned, I affirm this crystal to be charged with Tachyon Reiki from Linda White Dove, making this crystal a 1X Tachyon Antenna. (note: 1X is the first level of strength for Tachyon Antennas)

5. Keep holding the crystal until you can feel the energy winding down. If you do not feel the energy, just hold the crystal for a few minutes. Many people will feel the energy but it still works even if you don’t feel anything. After the energy has wound down, the charging is complete.

6. Be sure to tell me about your experiences!

7. Enjoy!!!

8. Want to learn how to charge crystals and other items with Tachyon Reiki for yourself and others, including via distance?

Go here: http://www.lindawhitedove.com/Tachyon_Reiki.php I will make it available until 12/30/14.

If you are unable to charge your crystal today, no worries. The transmission will be held in its perfection until you are ready to use it. It will work once per person.
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Three Technique Healing Session

bubbles and leaves

Today I am offering a healing session using 3 techniques from the Mystery Mastery Healing System: Shift Point (from level 6), the Rubber Band Technique (level 7) and the Infinity Box (level 7). Although this combination can be used for anything you wish to address, it is especially potent for the physical body.

If you have any tension, stress, injury or health concern that needs some help to heal/evolve, you can use this free session to address it. Here are the instructions for receiving your Three Technique Healing Session: sit (or lie down), relax, close your eyes and state your intention (out loud or silently) to receive the session in accordance with your highest good. Then allow approx. 15-20 minutes for the session to unfold. This is all you need to do to receive the session. You do not need to contact me to receive the session, and there is no cost. Simply read this post and follow the instructions in this paragraph and you are all set. It is available for everyone who is reading these words.

If you sense energy moving, you will know the session is done when the energy winds down. If you do not sense energy moving, just allow 20 minutes. Be sure to take your time getting up afterwards. Do some grounding, drink extra water and get extra sleep if you feel tired. You may be sleepy afterwards, or you may be extra alert and focused for a while before tiredness sets in.

Do not use this session while driving. Healing sessions like this do not mix well with alcohol so it is best to not drink on the day you choose to receive it. This session is not a substitute for professional health care.

The session will work once per person. You can use it today or save it up for another time. It will be held in its perfection until you are ready to receive it. You can share it with others via the buttons below. It is available for everyone who wishes to try it.

I used the Mystery Mastery Healing System to create this Three Technique Healing Session. Are you an experienced, creative, courageous healer? If so, click here.


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Relieve Eye Strain With This Free Session

buoy and bird on water

This healing session is designed to relieve eye strain. It may also help with disorientation and difficulty staying focused when you are reading, both of which I’ve noticed often happen with eye strain (at least for me).

To receive this session, sit or lie down comfortably. Relax and close your eyes. Imagine your eyes are floating as if on a lake that is still and peaceful. Allow your eyes to feel totally supported by the water, at ease, no effort, nice and peaceful. When you can feel this, state your intention out loud or silently to receive this free eye strain relief session (no need to use the exact words, you can even just intend to receive “whatever it was I read about,” and that will work okay). Then, keeping your eyes relaxed as if floating on the still and peaceful lake, be with the experience as the session unfolds.

You may notice your eyes twitching, you may experience eye movements, or perhaps something else. Whatever happens, stay with the feeling of your eyes supported like buoys floating on the water until you notice the energy/twitching/eye movements winding down. When that happens, the session is complete. If you do not sense anything, that is okay too. Just allow a little while for the healing to take place. If you fall asleep during the session, that is fine as well. It is still working.

Before getting up to resume other activities, be sure to get up slowly to avoid dizziness and disorientation. Ground your energy into the core of the Earth. Be sure to get extra hydration for the rest of the day.

This session will work once per person. Feel free to share this post with others whom you think might benefit from the session. It will work for them too, once per person. Please do not contact me to ask to receive the session. Everything you need is in these words you are now reading, combined with your intention to receive. Just read it and follow the instructions and you are all set.

Sessions like this are easy to create and share! If you are an experienced, innovative and courageous healer, click here.


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7 Elements Healing Meditations


spiral fossil

This is an excerpt from Chapter 2 of the book, “Dancing Your Life.” It applies the 7 Elements (of the dance of subtle energy) to the topic of the chapter, which in this case is physical health. Each chapter has a different topic (for example relationships, sexuality, finances, etc.) and concludes with activities (meditations) relevant to the chapter’s topic.

I won’t post the 7 Elements here. You will need to read the book to learn them and how to apply them. However, you can still benefit from the meditations in this post without reading the book. If you would like a copy of the book or would like to know more about it, click here.

Embodiment Activities

The following activities are for deepening your understanding of Oneness via
direct experience. Each activity corresponds to one of the 7 elements of the Dance
of Oneness listed at the end of chapter 1 for easy reference.

In the interest of practicality, each activity can be used to bring about specific
outcomes. However the main purpose of each activity is embodied learning. For
the simplest, most direct approach to create any outcome, I refer you to the Master
Technique in chapter 1.

Embodiment Activity: Element 1
Do you have an illness, injury or some place in your body where you feel tense?
Sit or lie down comfortably and be aware of how your body feels as a whole. Sense
as dots of energy the part in your body where you are injured, ill, or tense. Does it
feel warm, tingly, cold, constricted or something else? How does it look, sound and
smell? Now notice your body as a whole and sense it as part of the infinite unified
field. Relaxing further into the field, sense your individual body and your injury,
illness or tension as supported and nourished by the field. Stay with this experience
for a few minutes, then notice the part of your body with which you were working.
How does it feel?

Element 2
What are you afraid of health-wise? As you think about it, notice it as energy in
your body. Letting go of all thoughts, stay with the sensations in your body,
noticing how it feels. Now, while sensing the energy of your health concern, sense
also the energy of the unknown supporting you in your process. How does it feel?
What happens to the fear as you sense the support of the unknown?

Element 3
Choose a part of your body to explore. Sense it as a dot of energy. Go inside the
dot, noticing all the dots inside the dot of energy. Go inside one of these dots, then
notice all the dots within it and go inside one of them, taking it a layer deeper.
When you are ready go another layer deeper by going inside one of the dots inside
the dot. Keep going deeper until you get to a place where you feel light and love all
around and inside you and it feels like your body has become one with the field. It
will feel like you do not have an end to your body and perhaps like you do not
have a body at all. Stay with this activity for as long as you like. When you are
finished, come back slowly by sensing where your body is in contact with the
floor, chair or bed. Notice your breathing and slowly open your eyes, acclimating
yourself to your environment before getting up and resuming other activities.

Element 4
Is there a part of your body in which you experience illness, injury or tension?
Tune into that part of your body, sensing it as a dot of energy. Within that dot of
energy are all other dots of energy, each representing qualities you can experience,
for example health, relaxation or ease of motion. Whatever you choose, be sure to
experience it as what you want, instead of the absence of something. For example
it is helpful to choose good health rather than healing of diabetes or openness
instead of unclogging of your intestines. Once you know what you would like to
experience, highlight it by sensing the desired quality inside the dot of energy.
What happens as you sense the highlight?

Element 5
Choose an aspect of your health you would like to improve. Notice it as energy
inside your body. In that energy is the love essence, the wellness which is the
foundation and core or all energy. Sense it. As you do so, you are embodying it and
good health is present.

Element 6
Choose a river or lake that needs cleaning or a town with air pollution that needs
clearing. Also, chose an aspect of your health you would like to improve, noticing
it as energy inside your body. While you keep your awareness on your body and
the aspect of your health you would like to improve, think about the river, lake or
town and notice it evolving as you sense the love essence inside of it. As you do
so, notice the energy inside your body. How does the clearing of the pollution from
the river, lake or town impact the energy of your body? How do the changes in the
energy in your body impact the clearing of the pollution from the river, lake or

Element 7
Choose an aspect of your health you would like to improve. How would you like it
to be different? Locate it as energy inside your body. Inside that energy is the
yearning; the attachment and desire to have good health. Sense it as energy,
focusing on the sensations rather than any thoughts or beliefs that may come up.
Inside the yearning is the energy sensation of non-attachment, of what it feels like
to go beyond the yearning to where it no longer has any meaning. Sense that as
energy. If thoughts and beliefs come up, sense the non-attachment inside them.
After a few minutes, revisit the aspect of health and the way in which you wanted
it to improve. How does it feel to experience it now from the energy of nonattachment?

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Layered Healing Session for Ease in Chaotic Times

rainbow daisy

Since I know many people are going through a lot of change right now and are feeling stress, this session (created with the Mystery Mastery Healing System) is for deep relaxation, renewal of body and mind, improved connection with your Higher Self/I AM Presence, and grounding of all this into your everyday life.  The Mystery Mastery Healing System can address many things all in one session!

To receive this session, all you have to do is relax, close your eyes and intend to receive. Please do not contact me to ask to receive the session. Everything you need is in these words you are now reading, combined with your intention to receive.

This session will work once per person. Feel free to share this with others who you think will benefit from the session. It will work for them too, once per person. If you want to learn how to access this session (or any of the sessions on my blog) as often as you want, and transmit it to your clients in person or via distance, click here to learn about the Mystery Mastery Healing System. You must be a Reiki Master Teacher to learn.



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The Joy of Meaningless Living

pretty meditation scene

The following is an excerpt from the Mystery Mastery Healing System, level 1.

Your identity helps you know what is important to you and gives you a sense of purpose and direction. It helps you fit in with others who have similar identities. It helps you understand your roles in life (for example father, daughter, teacher, activist, electrician, author, mechanic, New Yorker, neighbor, Baptist, Buddhist) and know how you fit, via these roles, into the world as a whole.

Most of the time, when you think about who you are, you probably think about these types of meanings. Yet, as a being made of energy, you exist like all energy in a state of neutrality in which no meanings have been assigned.  This the natural state of being of all energy and it is your natural state of being too. As energy without meaning your identity is not based on any beliefs, roles or anything requiring the use of your mind to understand.

Having a sense of yourself as energy without meaning can be used to non-attach to whatever meanings no longer work for you. It can help you experience a level of mental flexibility making it easier to go with the flow, let go of limiting beliefs and habits, dissolve health challenges and gain mental clarity. It also works as a form of deep renewal.

The technique is simple: sense your infinite self as energy. Lie down, close your eyes and relax. Then beginning with your toes, sense them as vibrating energy. Slowly work your way up your body until it is all no longer solid: it is just vibrating energy. Then do the same with your mental body. Sense it as vibrating energy. Allow all your thoughts to just be vibration until your entire sense of self is vibration and even the part of you monitoring the entire process becomes vibration too. It may take a while to be willing to let go of the monitoring part, but the results are worth it. Stay in this state of vibrating energy for as long as you need. When you are ready to “come back,” begin with the monitoring part, then the rest of your mental body, then your toes, slowly working your way up your body until it is all solid form. Wiggle your toes, place your hands on your thighs (it helps you connect to your physicality), place your feet flat on the floor and ground for a few minutes before standing up and resuming other activities.

Once you are well practiced in the technique, you can adapt it depending on what you wish to accomplish. While you are experiencing yourself as energy, you can sense all meanings that no longer serve you dissolving into light. You can sense the dissolving of health challenges or anything blocking mental clarity. You can use the technique for deep renewal by just having the experience of yourself without meaning. It is like having your very own “reset” button to return to your natural state of being as needed. And the more you use the “reset” button, the more you experience yourself free of meaning and the burdens of meaning, as you go about your daily activities.

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The Essence of your greatest fear…

victory at beach with quote

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