What is unhealthy skepticism?

Are you a pseudo-skeptic? http://www.theepochtimes.com/n3/603148-what-is-unhealthy-skepticism/

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The Money Circle

Introducing Money Circle, a free 10-week online program (by Nilofer Safdar) that teaches you how to create money and allow abundance to naturally flow into your life: http://www.illusiontoilluminationsummit.com/mc/


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Q. and A. Session

Today I am sharing a new distance healing experiment. I am calling it a Q and A session. For each person who chooses try it, I am asking questions of your body, for example “What energy healing do you need for better health?” Your body responds by bringing forth the energy you need. This is one example of a question, I will ask several questions for this session and when you receive the healing, your body will respond to the questions by bringing forth the answers in the form of energy.  You do not need to know what the questions are because your Higher Self knows and will take care of it for you.

Each person will receive according to their own unique needs because each body will respond differently to the questions. I am not going to share the questions because I want to make sure it is your body responding and not your mind as a result of reading the question. After all, this is an experiment. However, I can tell you that the focus of this session is opening to greater allowing and receiving.

Want to participate?

If you want to receive this Q. and A Session: sit (or lie down), relax, close your eyes and state your intention (out loud or silently) to receive the session. Then allow 15-20 minutes for the session to unfold. This is all you need to do to receive the session. You do not need to contact me to receive the session. Simply read this post and follow the instructions in this paragraph and you are all set.

If you sense energy moving, you will know the session is done when the energy winds down. If you do not sense energy moving, just allow 20 minutes. Be sure to take your time getting up afterwards. Do some grounding, drink extra water and get extra sleep if you feel tired. You may be sleepy afterwards.

Do not use this session while driving or before any activities where you need to be alert and focused. Healing sessions like this do not mix well with alcohol so it is best to not drink on the day you choose to receive it. This session is not a substitute for professional medical care.

The session will work once per person. You can use it today or save it up for another time. If you share the information with a friend, the session will work for them too, once per person.

PLEASE CHECK IN A FEW DAYS AFTER THE SESSION AND LET ME KNOW IF YOU NOTICE ANY CHANGES. Some examples of changes: more physical comfort, less reaction to people and situations that were a problem before, new awareness, more inner peace, improved health and relationships… THIS IS AN EXPERIMENT AND THE BEST WAY FOR ME TO TELL HOW WELL IT WORKS IS TO HEAR FROM YOU. 






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Depression as a call to spiritual awakening?

Jeff Foster on how depression is a call to the deep rest entered into when the weight of carrying false stories about yourself becomes exhausting.


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Drawing the Lines


As a child, I was not very good at coloring between the lines. Most of the kids I knew enjoyed coloring in coloring books. I made coloring books for other kids to color. Drawing the lines felt creative, like being a leader. Coloring in the picture seemed like being a follower and therefore much less creative. As an adult, I now understand that coloring in the picture is as much a part of the creative process as drawing the lines. Both are necessary for the picture to take form.

Although I no longer create coloring books, the metaphor of drawing the lines has become increasingly important to me. As a writer of non-fiction, much of what I write is about empowerment: about becoming aware that we each draw our own lines. We are not defined by our circumstances, left to color in a picture we do not like. If we do not like the way our lives are going, we can draw a new picture to color.

Drawing the lines is more than something I write about; it is an important part of how I write. I have written a book, which I am now editing and preparing for publication. Writing a book can feel like an overwhelming task, making it hard to get started, to keep going, and to finish. Yet I know the ease of any project is based on how I think about it. When I reframe how I think about a project, I make it easier to complete and I make the process of working on it more enjoyable. It is all in how I choose to perceive and draw the lines.

As with coloring books, the lines offer a sense of structure to facilitate filling in the picture. By experimenting with how I want to draw the lines to best complete the tasks at hand, I have developed a creative approach to completing large projects that works well for me and perhaps will work for you too. I offer here some ways in which I have drawn the lines to help me write my book. Although I am referring to it here in terms of writing a book, this approach can be applied to any large project. Whenever there is an intimidation factor due to the immensity of the task at hand, this approach helps to re-frame how you think about it in order to make it easier to complete.

Not Doing It Would Feel Worse Than Doing It 
The hardest part of writing, for me, is getting started each day. I can come up with all sorts of reasons not to write. When I have difficulty getting started I consider how awful it would feel to not complete the book. The way I would feel letting my dream slip away because I am afraid of a bunch of writing and whatever else it entails makes it seem unreasonable to not follow through. How could I do that to myself? What exactly am I afraid of anyway? It is okay and totally natural to have fear. To deny my fear makes it impossible to address and resolve. I do address my fears but I do so later in the day after I am done writing. Addressing my fears is part of my writing process and it is as important as the time I spend writing, editing and doing all the other things writers do. I make time for it, but not at the same time as I am writing.

Book? What Book?
You have probably heard the advice to break larger projects into smaller steps. I have done this also. Often, though, it is still hard to get started writing each day. This is where reframing is especially helpful. Some days when the fear comes up about the immensity of the project, I pretend there is no project and I am just writing an article, or part of an article. By staying focused on the task at hand and not thinking about the larger picture, I can get myself to write each day.

Staying Encouraged
When I tell people, especially other writers, that I am writing a book, they often mention how hard it is to get a book published and suggest that I try to self publish as a way to avoid the difficulty of getting a publisher to accept a manuscript. So prevalent is this way of thinking, it could be easy for me to feel like my choices are dictated by circumstances and it is necessary to adapt to the circumstances in order to follow my dream. According to this mindset, the odds of my book being published by someone other than myself are very low because the publishing business is extremely competitive so it would be wise to consider self publishing if I want my book published.

To let the odds (which are just numbers) of being published influence me to the point of choosing to self publish (a less desirable option for what I want to accomplish) is like giving up without even trying. I can either focus on how many book manuscripts never get published or I can focus on the fact that there are stores full of books that are published by someone other than the authors themselves.

Non-writers, when I mention I am writing a book, often ask me whether I can make a living as a writer. Although my usual response is to jokingly say, “I will let you know,” I can sense their belief in limitation and it is easy to respond with my own feelings of limitation and fear. Limitation and fear are so strongly ingrained in our culture that it is considered healthy and realistic to think in a limited, fear-based way. Rising and staying above it can be challenging.

As someone who draws my own lines, I can allow fear about not making a decent income to stop me from what I really love doing or I can choose, like the many successful authors that people seem to forget about when they doubt a writer can make a good living, to be supported financially by work that I enjoy doing. I do not need to get a “real job.” I already have one and it is writing. It is all in what I choose to believe. Some people would consider me unrealistic or optimistic; I just do not feel limited by circumstances. Circumstances, like lines, can be redrawn.

Writing and Cleaning
I have found I can concentrate for short periods of time, but staying focused on writing for extended periods of time can be difficult. When I have a hard time staying focused, I alternate writing with cleaning my home. Writing is intellectual and cleaning is physical. By alternating between the two orientations, I find balance and the physical act of cleaning relaxes my mind so I can write again with a clear mind—and a clean home. A typical work session will have me writing, then taking a break to clean my toilet, then writing again, washing some dishes, writing again, making my bed, etc.

Writing Challenges for Breaking out of a Rut
I like having a routine time to write and my method of writing and cleaning works well for me most of the time. However, as someone who is bored by things always being the same way, I will sometimes try other approaches. I have tried watching television and writing during the commercial breaks. I have written in my car when I was stopped at red lights. Although I prefer writing in a very quiet environment, sometimes I will experiment with different types of music, or I will go to a busy cafe for a change of scenery. These may not be ideal writing conditions for me, but they offer challenge which sparks creativity and offers variety to get out of a rut.

Mind Games
I can use writing challenges as a way to break out of a rut, and I can also break free by reframing how I think about the obstacles that come my way. Writers block can be reframed as needing time for ideas to come together and develop before I write them down; like gestation or fermentation.

When I have trouble concentrating enough to write, I can reframe it as being in the perfect state of mind to do some editing of what I have already written. Lack of income to support my writing can be reframed as incentive to complete this project and reap the rewards of being a published author.

When even the smallest task seems overwhelming, I reframe it by comparing it to other, more difficult, things I have done. Now that I have written my book and am editing and marketing, on the days when it seems like more than I can handle, I remind myself that I wrote a book. If I can write a book, I can do a little editing and marketing! The hardest part is already past.

Whatever comes up, I imagine that the obstacles are actually supports and that my “weaknesses” are actually strengths. Redrawing the lines keeps me from being hard on myself and allows me to feel supported by the very things that once would have held me back. With mind games, I cannot lose.

Finish Line
Often as I get close to completing a writing goal, I find that I slow down and it takes me a while to finish. As much as I want to be done, I am afraid of what the next step will require and all the steps beyond that. Or the opposite takes place and I want to finish everything so quickly that I overdo it and exhaust myself.

Any competitive runner will tell you the finish line has personal significance to them beyond just being the end of the race. The same is true for writers. Sometimes I build the finish line up in my mind until the expectations associated with finishing make me want to run and hide rather than cross the finish line. Or, conversely, the drive to complete something is so strong that it is hard to have it incomplete and I do not feel a moment of peace until everything is neatly wrapped up and done.

Both the desire to avoid and the drive to finish right away come from whatever I associate with finishing. Leaving things incomplete is hard for me, as is fear of the unknown that comes after the finish line. I can reframe leaving things incomplete as allowing some time for better options to present themselves. I like knowing I have options. The better the option, the happier I feel. I can reframe fear of the unknown as being on an adventure, which is something that appeals to my sense of fun and pioneering spirit.

What Finish Line?
Another approach is to remove the finish line altogether by placing the project in the larger context of my life. There will be many projects for me to address, the process of taking on new challenges will never end because life is about all the experiences I will have. The endings and beginnings are insignificant in the larger context of life. It is much more important to be open to the wonders and joys of life than worry about small details. The meanings I attach to the finish line pale in comparison to the significance of life as a whole.

The Zen of Writing
Whatever fears I have about finishing or not finishing, the best moment in my life is right here and right now. Whatever I desire for my future, whatever has happened in my past that I am afraid may happen again: it is all irrelevant. In this moment I am writing and it feels wonderful. When I get in touch with the joy of writing, I remember the true reason why I write. I love the sensation of words flowing together onto the page and the precision of getting everything just right. My experience while creating is one of the best feelings in the world. When the reason for the task is the process of the task itself, everything else is irrelevant. Whatever your task, this is what I wish for you.

Linda White Dove

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Do you believe in reincarnation? Here is proof!

The story of a boy who vividly remembers his past life in WW2:



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Birth Attunement and Other Attunement Ideas

The Mystery Mastery Healing System offers many creative healing techniques and ways to use them. In this article I want to cover a few ways to use Mystery Mastery Healing System attunements; uses you may not have considered.  

If you have not studied the Mystery Mastery Healing System, but are a Reiki Master, you can still find ways to use the ideas in this article to deepen your healing/awakening process.

Birth Attunement

What would it have been like to have been welcomed into this lifetime with an attunement celebrating your mastery? You can attune your newborn self with a Mystery Mastery Healing System attunement.  Choose a level (MMHS 1-8) or let the level happen as your Infinite Nature does the choosing (recommended).

Precious Moments

You can attune yourself at any point in your timeline, past, present and future. Important moments like graduations, weddings and parenthood are good times for attunements. Mastery sent into the past can transform the present, sometimes radically.


Experiences of being abused as a child, heartbreak, serious illness, car accidents, the divorce of your parents, the loss of a loved one- all these and more can stay with you effecting your life in ways that hold you back. By sending attunements to yourself when you went through trauma, you can lessen and perhaps even eliminate the ways these play out in your life currently.  You are, in a sense, awakening and strengthening your Mastery at key times in your life when you needed it.

Aspects of Your Current Self

Could the part of you that feels shy in social situations use more Mastery? How about the part of you that holds onto anger, or the part of you that struggles financially, or the part that feels unworthy or not good enough? Make a list of all the aspects of your current self that could use more empowerment, and attune them to the Mystery Mastery Healing System.

Before Attuning

Before attuning , take a few moments and turn your attention inwards. Think about the  attunement you wish to give and the part of yourself or time in your life you wish to attune. See how it feels when you think about it. If it feels good, expansive, light spacious or some variation of this, it means the attunement would be helpful. If it feels constricting, heavy, dense of some variation of these, I recommend waiting until another time, and re-testing to see if the attunement is right for you at that time.


Attuning your past selves and current aspects can bring about a lot of shifts in your current experience, and especially in your body and emotions. It is very easy to overdo it and not realize until later that you have done too much too quickly. I ended up being bedridden for a week, and a few of my students who have tried this also overdid it.

It does not matter how good a healer you are, or even how experienced or how clear of a channel you are. A little bit of the attunements listed in this article can go a very long way. I recommend taking it very slowly, doing only one or maybe two attunements in a day, then waiting a few days before doing another. If you feel tired or sleepy or are having difficulty sleeping after attuning, this means you are going too quickly. The same applies if you are feeling irritable or are feeling more energy sensitive than usual. Be sure to take time off, get extra sleep and drink a lot more water than usual until you feel better and are ready to continue. Grounding is also important.

Wishing you wonderful unfoldment of all the Infinite Mastery you are.

Linda White Dove, Awakening Facilitator

Mystery Mastery Healing System Founder


Copyright 2014, Linda White Dove. You have permission to share this article provided you do not change the content in any way. You must also include my name as author along with my website.

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