The Sacred In Sacred Sexuality

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The term sacred sexuality is in a way misleading because it can be interpreted to imply that sometimes sex is sacred and sometimes it is not. As human beings we are born with certain instincts and urges such as the urge to eat when we are hungry and to sleep when we are tired. We also have a sex drive. All three of these natural urges are necessary for our survival. Food and sleep keep us alive and so the innate need for them is an important part of our being human, so much so that it the urge is automatic. Go long enough without food and your hunger increases and increases until you can think of nothing else but how hungry you are and/or you will waste away and die. In the case of sleep you will eventually fall asleep whether you consciously want to or not.

As humans, our sex drive also has a purpose. Yes, it helps us keep our species going by creating new life, but it has another purpose as well; it is a homing signal, a reminder of from where we originated and of what is important in life. In fact, our sex drive is so strong and so important to express that it will be expressed in one way or another. Even if we try to tame it, express it in only in ways we think are socially acceptable, hold it in due to shame, fear of what others will think, cultural conditioning or other reasons, it will express, just perhaps in a way that is unfulfilling or even violent in its misdirection. Sex in and of itself is not dangerous, it is how we approach it, stifle it, misdirect it and color it with our own agendas based on past experiences, beliefs, etc. that make sex seem like less than the innate, beautiful, fulfilling experience that it ultimately is.

One of the reasons we crave sex so much is because of how wonderful it feels. This is such common knowledge that it is woven into our culture in just about every way possible. It is on our minds a lot (have you ever read one of those studies asking people how often they think about sex?!) and it is even part of how many of the products we use are promoted. Sex is part of how we respond to the people around us, and based on their response to us, we form opinions about ourselves. Sex is probably part of most every interaction we have, one way or another. It is a mental process as much as a physical thing that we “do” with someone. It is a foundation for how we feel about ourselves and how we take that sense of self into the world on a day to day basis. You can even think of sex as a currency or current of energy that we exchange in how we perceive others, how we respond to them based on that perception and how we feel about ourselves as a result. And interaction and exchange takes place, even if it is very subtle.

One of the gifts of having a sex urge is that it drives us to meet that need which often brings us together with others who also wish to meet that need. In the sexual interaction, an energy (current) exchange takes place physically but it again also takes place in how we feel about ourselves and the other(s) based on the interaction. Our past experiences have created expectations of ourselves, of our partner(s) and of the experience created together. Where it falls short of fulfillment, it is easy to attribute this to something about men, women, sex, the person or people you are with or to yourself. Thus sex has the capacity to stir up a lot of baggage, which we often continually perpetuate upon ourselves and each other. When this happens, sex can feel unfulfilling both physically and emotionally. Regardless of how much sex we may be having, if it is not fulfilling, it just leaves us wanting more and more as we try to get our fill. And if we have sex while feeling lack of trust, past hurts, repressed anger, etc. it is hard to really enjoy it fully because we are closed off to what makes sex most juicy (openness to experience it). This is similar to how some people approach food or other substances or experiences. More is not necessarily better. Nor is variety in terms of partners necessarily going to bring about the fulfillment we seek, it is how we choose to experience something that makes it fulfilling and sustaining. Experiencing the sacred in sexuality is a path of sexual and life fulfillment because it helps us to experience the whole of what sex is and what we are. Once we experience this wholeness, everything can be fulfilling if we so choose. Sex is never quite the same again.

Sacred sexuality can be thought of like stopping to smell the roses. Life is full of colors, textures, small details, tastes, sounds and more that are always present when you choose to take notice. A piece of fruit can be savored for its color, shape, size, scent, texture, taste and how it is presented (among other things). Or in a hurry to feed a hunger, we can gulp it down and not notice any of this, and feeling like we are still hungry for more of something. Sacred sexuality brings our attention to what is already present in our own bodies, in the bodies of others (if you choose to share the experience with others) and in what is created between people in the moment. In this regard sex is somewhat like dancing. An exchange of current (energy) takes place that is not just two or more people, it is something in and of itself that contains and includes whoever is present as one experience together. What’s more is that as you become aware of the sensations in your own body, it has a positive impact on the body of your partner(s) and of the overall experience.

Some people equate sacred sexuality with specific types of practices and/or techniques such as those of Tantra. Tantra is one approach to sacred sexuality but there are others such as Kama Sutra, Healing Love and more. Also, sacred sexuality can be experienced and enjoyed any time a person or people chose to savor the sensations and experience of pleasure in the moment. It can be independent of any specific approach or practices. Many people find the practices/techniques to be helpful in learning how to be aware and present to what is happening in the moment instead of stuck in the mental and emotional baggage and limiting self beliefs from the past. Since this type of conditioning is so much a part of how we interact, I believe learning and using practices and techniques such as breathwork, sound, eye contact and body movements are extremely valuable and helpful. However, it is important to keep in mind that these practices and techniques are not the full picture of sacred sexuality; they are just ways to be present and open to the fullness and wholeness of the moment. Many people equate sacred sexuality with techniques and lose track of sacred sexuality in its whole and ultimate form, which is the gift of being present (presence).
When people are truly present to themselves and each other sexually, their thoughts and baggage melts away and they become aware of the life force that sustains and unites them. The experience of divinity from which they came opens inside and around them and the feeling is exhilarating and pleasurable and much more. It is as if your senses open up even more and you feel pleasure/divinity/life force in greater depth and breadth because you are open to feeling more of it. It is always there and it is limitless. Sacred sexuality opens you to more of what is always present and this openness extends beyond “having sex” to an openness in everyday life, although the sex is really wonderful and that is a great reason for sacred sexuality in and of itself!

One of the great things about sacred sexuality is that you can choose to experience it at any time. Sexuality is life force energy (current) and it is always present. With practice you will be able to feel and enjoy your sexuality any time you wish, even if you are not with any other person or not in a relationship. Sacredness is about how you perceive things, about the openness to experiencing the divine within and around you. Any time you experience life force energy, you are experiencing sexuality. And when you shift your perception to go beyond mental conditioning, baggage, etc. by being present to the sensations in the moment, you are tuning into the sacred. Sacredness and sexuality are one…if you choose to experience them as such. From the experience of sacredness and sexuality being one, you can sense the sacredness in all experiences and all people. In life and in the bedroom, sacred sexuality can include things that many people would not typically define as sacred. However, if you are open to experiencing sacredness, you will learn from experience that it is everywhere. It is life changing and ultimately I believe it is what sacred sexuality is truly about.

A friend of mine once told me that sacred sexuality is not so much about knowing the sacredness in sex, but more about knowing that sexuality is the foundation of everything sacred in life and about life. He dreams of the day when not only would sacred be used to define sexuality but sexuality would be used to define and understand sacredness. Humanity has separated itself from sexuality; and when we objectify sexuality, we objectify ourselves by cutting ourselves off from our sacred source. Sacred sexuality is about being present to the fullness, the perfection, of our experience as human beings with our hearts and senses open to the depth and breadth that life is.

Linda White Dove

More on Sacred Sexuality here, and also here.

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Your Super Blessing!


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Your Super Blessing!

This post contains everything you need to receive a free healing session combining the Awareness Blessing, and several techniques from the Mystery Mastery Healing System to intensify the benefits from the Blessing and your ability to receive and integrate it with ease.

The Awareness Blessing is a transfer of awareness energies to the mind/body organism. This can lead to deep peace, love, quieting the mind and for some instant awakening.

The Mystery Mastery Healing System is a new paradigm, systemic based, master key to healing and awakening. It can be used as a stand alone system for healing and awakening or combined with other healing or spiritual practices.

Here are the instructions for receiving Your Super Blessing: sit (or lie down), relax, close your eyes and state your intention (out loud or silently) to receive it in accordance with your highest good. Then allow approx. 20-30 minutes for the session to unfold. This is all you need to do to receive. You do not need to contact me, there is no cost, and you do not have to purchase anything. Simply read this post and follow the instructions in this paragraph and you are all set.

If you sense energy moving, you will know the Blessing is complete when the energy winds down. If you do not sense energy moving, just allow 30 minutes. Be sure to take your time getting up afterwards. Do some grounding, drink extra water and get extra sleep if you feel tired. You may be sleepy afterwards, or you may be extra alert and focused for a while before tiredness sets in.

For your safety, do not receive this Blessing while driving. This Blessing does not mix well with alcohol so it is best to not drink on the day you choose to receive it. This Blessing is not a substitute for professional medical or mental health care.

The Blessing will work once per person. You can use it today or save it up for another time.

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The Dangers of Psychic “Protection”

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This article is an excerpt from my book, “Dancing Your Life.”

Working with energy is like working with nature. We find ways to use what nature
provides, for example some people hang their clothes outside to dry on a sunny
day, or harness the power of wind and water. When working with energy, we are
not so much changing what exists as we are learning to use what is already
provided and eternally present. It is an infinite resource including every possible
option of things to create.

There are as many ways to use energy as we can come up with, yet energy itself is
impersonal. It is our motivations in how we use energy that creates challenge in
our lives. As with the weather, energy is neutral. If someone were imprisoned
outside in the desert and died in the extreme weather, the weather did not “want”
the person to die. The death resulted from the dynamics of the people involved.
Working with energy in the field is about illuminating our motivations and
underlying beliefs that keep us interacting in ways that limit rather than fulfill. As
we do this, we evolve from having fear as the foundation behind everything we do
to having love and fulfillment. Free from fear, your motives change, along with
how you work with energy.

Situations that seem harmful or painful help you to move beyond fear and limiting
beliefs. Many people, when working with energy, use energy shields, bubbles and
other approaches to protect against the ill intentions of others. However, by trying
to protect yourself, you are sending a message that you are afraid, and your infinite
self brings you what you fear so you can move beyond the fear into empowerment.
Shields and bubbles may seem to keep what you fear at bay for a while, but in
order to move into Oneness and fulfillment, you will have to face the fear
eventually. That which you fear will continue to present until you face it. For the
time you are trying to protect yourself, you not only keep yourself from knowing
your empowerment sooner rather than later, you also expend a lot of energy in

Some people use shields and bubbles to invite in only the energies they desire, thus
screening out other energies like a form of setting boundaries. They believe that
since it is healthy to have boundaries, shielding in this way supports them in
attracting what they want. I believe, however, there may be things you would
not invite in that would be very important, empowering, and perhaps even joyful
for you to experience, including things of which you are unaware. Additionally, if
your intent to invite only certain things is based on fear, then you will still resonate
with fear. That is what you will manifest with your boundary regardless of how it
is worded. It is the intent behind the boundary, the reason you are creating it, that

If you feel the desire to protect yourself, the first thing to do is to
examine your motivations for the shielding. What do you fear? You might have a
clear answer to that or you might not, but you can work with it either way. Feel the
fear in your body for a few moments, then call upon what it would feel like to have
moved beyond the fear and notice the sensations that come up in your body.
Avoid trying to conceptualize how that might feel and instead allow your body to
bring forward the sensations. Stay with the sensations for a few minutes as the
changes unfold.

This approach to working with energy is called transparency because as you
address the fear, you will be transparent to it and fear-based challenges will pass
right by you without connecting because you do not resonate with them. Working
with transparency requires commitment to a level of openness to what the field
has to offer. While this openness leads to really powerful awareness and evolution,
it can also be overwhelming at first, leading back to the desire to protect yourself.
There is another option: clearing your energy. Clearing your energy in addition to
resolving the fears that make you want to shield, is a complete and powerful
approach to working with energy.

Read more here.


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Healing Technique: Transferring Intuitive Knowing

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To learn more about this technique, and to learn many other innovative ways to play with energy, go here.

Transfer of Knowing

Another way to use your infinite nature and the infinite nature of your client for healing/awakening is to transfer knowing. This works especially well for those intuitive hits you get while offering a healing, coaching or intuitive session.

For example, I was offering a healing session for a friend who was not feeling very hopeful about her romantic prospects. As she was talking, I felt very clearly that she could have the type of relationship she wanted. I wanted her to have the same knowing; to sense the same likelihood for herself that I felt for her. I also wanted to help it be more likely to come to fruition. So I “transferred” my knowing to her.

I am using the word transfer in quotation marks because the knowing was not technically transferred. As infinite beings, both my friend and I include all energies, which means we both include all possibilities. That same knowing and that same possibility is in me and in her. I simply noticed that it was in her; I sensed it in her energy, which brought it to the forefront of her energy. She was surprised that she could feel it so strongly, and a bunch of inner shifting unfolded from the “transfer.”

So, if you want more concrete instructions on how to transfer, here they are (copied from level 7 with a few small changes).

Step 1: Experience your client as infinite.

Step 2: Sense in her menu of options (in her energy): the same intuition I have in me (or however you wish to word it). You will have a flicker of knowingness that it is done (that it has been sent). Depending on your intuitive senses you may have a flicker of knowing, a very quick visual confirmation, you may sense it with clairsentience, hear a confirmation or get the information in some other manner. Regardless of how you receive it, it only takes a few seconds.

Step 3: If you do not have the flicker or some other sign, or have doubts that it worked, just acknowledge that your map of what is possible is not necessarily the same as what is possible. Choose from the menu of infinite possibilities “trusting my infinite nature has taken care of it even if I have trouble believing it.”


To learn more about this technique, and to learn many other innovative ways to play with energy, go here.

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Have Your Crystal Charged With Tachyon Reiki

Today is the day! Have one crystal charged with Tachyon Reiki, at no cost (see link at end of post for information about Tachyon Reiki).Here’s how to participate:

1. Make sure the crystal is cleared. If you do not know how to do this, google it to find lots of good ideas.

2. Bring up this post on your computer or phone.

3. Hold crystal in your left hand in front of the computer or phone, with your palm up. If crystal is too big to hold, set it in front of the computer or phone and touch it with your left hand.

4. State out loud or silently: In accordance with the highest good of this crystal, my highest good, and the highest good of all concerned, I affirm this crystal to be charged with Tachyon Reiki from Linda White Dove, making this crystal a 1X Tachyon Antenna. (note: 1X is the first level of strength for Tachyon Antennas)

5. Keep holding the crystal until you can feel the energy winding down. If you do not feel the energy, just hold the crystal for a few minutes. Many people will feel the energy but it still works even if you don’t feel anything. After the energy has wound down, the charging is complete.

6. Be sure to tell me about your experiences!

7. Enjoy!!!

8. Want to learn how to charge crystals and other items with Tachyon Reiki for yourself and others, including via distance?

Go here: I will make it available until 12/30/14.

If you are unable to charge your crystal today, no worries. The transmission will be held in its perfection until you are ready to use it. It will work once per person.
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Three Technique Healing Session

bubbles and leaves

Today I am offering a healing session using 3 techniques from the Mystery Mastery Healing System: Shift Point (from level 6), the Rubber Band Technique (level 7) and the Infinity Box (level 7). Although this combination can be used for anything you wish to address, it is especially potent for the physical body.

If you have any tension, stress, injury or health concern that needs some help to heal/evolve, you can use this free session to address it. Here are the instructions for receiving your Three Technique Healing Session: sit (or lie down), relax, close your eyes and state your intention (out loud or silently) to receive the session in accordance with your highest good. Then allow approx. 15-20 minutes for the session to unfold. This is all you need to do to receive the session. You do not need to contact me to receive the session, and there is no cost. Simply read this post and follow the instructions in this paragraph and you are all set. It is available for everyone who is reading these words.

If you sense energy moving, you will know the session is done when the energy winds down. If you do not sense energy moving, just allow 20 minutes. Be sure to take your time getting up afterwards. Do some grounding, drink extra water and get extra sleep if you feel tired. You may be sleepy afterwards, or you may be extra alert and focused for a while before tiredness sets in.

Do not use this session while driving. Healing sessions like this do not mix well with alcohol so it is best to not drink on the day you choose to receive it. This session is not a substitute for professional health care.

The session will work once per person. You can use it today or save it up for another time. It will be held in its perfection until you are ready to receive it. You can share it with others via the buttons below. It is available for everyone who wishes to try it.

I used the Mystery Mastery Healing System to create this Three Technique Healing Session. Are you an experienced, creative, courageous healer? If so, click here.


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Relieve Eye Strain With This Free Session

buoy and bird on water

This healing session is designed to relieve eye strain. It may also help with disorientation and difficulty staying focused when you are reading, both of which I’ve noticed often happen with eye strain (at least for me).

To receive this session, sit or lie down comfortably. Relax and close your eyes. Imagine your eyes are floating as if on a lake that is still and peaceful. Allow your eyes to feel totally supported by the water, at ease, no effort, nice and peaceful. When you can feel this, state your intention out loud or silently to receive this free eye strain relief session (no need to use the exact words, you can even just intend to receive “whatever it was I read about,” and that will work okay). Then, keeping your eyes relaxed as if floating on the still and peaceful lake, be with the experience as the session unfolds.

You may notice your eyes twitching, you may experience eye movements, or perhaps something else. Whatever happens, stay with the feeling of your eyes supported like buoys floating on the water until you notice the energy/twitching/eye movements winding down. When that happens, the session is complete. If you do not sense anything, that is okay too. Just allow a little while for the healing to take place. If you fall asleep during the session, that is fine as well. It is still working.

Before getting up to resume other activities, be sure to get up slowly to avoid dizziness and disorientation. Ground your energy into the core of the Earth. Be sure to get extra hydration for the rest of the day.

This session will work once per person. Feel free to share this post with others whom you think might benefit from the session. It will work for them too, once per person. Please do not contact me to ask to receive the session. Everything you need is in these words you are now reading, combined with your intention to receive. Just read it and follow the instructions and you are all set.

Sessions like this are easy to create and share! If you are an experienced, innovative and courageous healer, click here.


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