Attention Spiritual Know-It-Alls!


Of all the recordings I have made so far, one of my favorites is called Attention Spiritual Know-It-Alls. If you are like me, you have ideas about what is possible and what is not. Often these ideas end up limiting what we can manifest. If we believe in only a few limited outcomes, our possibilities will be limited by it.

I’ve been working as a healer and teaching healing for close to 20 years and I have noticed that us “spiritual people” are often the most opinionated of all when it comes to what we believe about life and how to live it. Many of us have read lots of spiritual books, taken courses, studied with teachers, etc. We have discovered and followed our own paths and that is great. But in the process we often end up taking on the beliefs of other “spiritual people” and teachings without even realizing it. It is easy to think being “spiritual” means we already have the truths, that we are aligned with it and living it. Perhaps  you are, and if that is the case, that is great. But if there are aspects of your life that are not flowing the way you want, it could be time to open to more.

This is the purpose of the Attention Spiritual Know-It-Alls recording.  It has many uses. Yesterday I had some tension in my solar plexus.  The healing I often use was not working. I knew I had resistance to the healing, thought I did not know why. Fortunately I did not need to know why. I said (to the Divine and to the resistance) “I know you are trying to serve some purpose- to help me in some way- but what if the purpose you are trying to serve is based on incomplete/limited understanding and is therefore unnecessary?” I then used the energies and technique from the recording and the tension dissipated.

Another example, from this morning: I was hurt and angry about something that was not happening the way I wanted. I realized I was taking it personally but was unable to let go. Then I asked myself: Am I willing to open to a different/deeper understanding? I then used the technique and energies from the Attention Spiritual Know-It-Alls recording. Something shifted almost immediately. Not only was I able to let go of the anger and hurt, I had a new perspective about what happened and what to do. I followed through and the situation changed within a few minutes. How amazing is that?!

Of course, these are just two examples of how I’ve used the recording in my life. And the recording is just one of 21 recordings in the “Becoming Delightfully Unstuck” program. If you would like to experience what is possible when you become delightfully unstuck you can do start here.

Blessings of flow and infinite possibilities!









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Playing with the 5th Key


I was feeling some stress and tension this morning. it occurred to me to use my own healing work to address it so I turned on the 5th Key recording from my 7 Keys Program. The 5th Key is the one about trusting, allowing, and getting out of my own way.

I started with the breathing and expansion of my awareness. Then I turned the switches off as directed in the recording. What an immense rush of energy! I could feel the field evolving taking “me” along with it. There is a sound I hear when big healing is taking place. I heard it.

Once the recording played the first time, I played it again a few times on repeat. This time I combined turning off the switches in breadth with turning them off in depth. I went 21 layers deep. That was the number that came to me.

Now that I am done listening for now, I can still hear the sound that signifies deep healing. Everything looks a little different too. Crisper, clearer, cleaner. My body is more relaxed. I feel a bunch of emotions awaiting release. The healing brought it all to the surface. It will happen soon. I trust it. Oh, wow, there it goes!

I plan to document more of my experiences using my recordings.  Stay tuned to read  more and learn how the recordings can benefit you.

I invite you to check out my recordings here.





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Why I love Mercury Retrograde, and why you might want to love it too.


Many people dread Mercury Retrograde. Things break down, communication falters, everything moves slowly. While this can be frustraing, chaotic and even emotionally painful, it is also a tremendous opportunity for empowering self awareness and healing by letting go of what no longer works for you, and has probably not worked for you for a long time.

In this article, I share a few of the more pervasive beliefs, mental and emotional states, and ways of living based on these beliefs and states that may be holding you back, along with suggestions for transcending the limitation.

It cannot happen because…

This takes several forms, one of which is sequential thinking. Do you believe that in order to meet your life partner you first have to lose weight? Or do you believe you need money in order to make money? These are just two of many examples of how you limit yourself with sequential thinking.

Another form are all the “reasons” why you cannot have what you want: believing money is hard to get, believing the “other shoe will drop” and you don’t want to feel disappointed, believing things have always turned out a certain way so a new outcome is not possible, believing you need assistance from a specific person or group and they are not going to help you…this list goes on and on. These things can, and often do, keep many people stuck.

Another form includes rigid mental states such as skepticism, cynicism, and “being realistic.” While it is important to not automatically believe and accept everything you hear, it is also important to avoid mental rigidity that prevents new innovation, perspective and fulfillment.

The key to freedom from “It cannot happen because __________” is the willingness to admit you do not know it all, and to allow for the possibility of other outcomes and perspective. Suspend your disbelief just for a few moments, unclutch from what you think is possible and not, and notice how it feels to open up.


In “Dancing Your Life“, I talk about how the evolution of even one “bit” of energy in the interconnectedness of life will assist every other bit of energy to evolve. In terms of jealousy, this means that other peoples’ successes support you in yours. Their success makes yours more likely, and with less effort. The more successful people, the better off you are. Feeling grateful for the success of others will intensify this effect.


When you blame someone for something in your life that is not working the way you want, you make it impossible to change your life for the better. By blaming you make that other person responsible for making the change. You may end up waiting a long time, perhaps forever.


As a fully empowered divine being, you are the writer and director of your life. Every difficult person and challenging situation is there because you wrote or directed it that way. If someone was just acting out the script you wrote for them, what is there to forgive for their follow through? To get the full effect of this, take a while and notice what happens in your body and in your energy as you take it in.

Note: this does not mean you should put yourself in situations that are unsafe or be close with people who are not good for you. You can see yourself as writer and director, and then write and direct something new that works better for you.

Trying to making things happen

There is a point where action that is productive becomes unproductive. If you sense yourself pushing, pulling, or trying too hard, you are out of alignment with flow. Step back, notice what you are feeling, then relax back into allowing. Creation is a combination of productive effort and allowing your efforts to unfold.

Trying to figure out how to make something happen

When things don’t turn out the way you want, or you are afraid they will not work out the way you want, many people will go round and round in their minds trying to figure out what can be done differently. If you’ve been trying to figure out how to make something happen, and are unable to come up with anything that works, you can choose instead to give up on the mental hampster wheel and see what happens. Often the problem will resolve on its own when you let go of your mental grip on it, or a new solution will present itself.


When “rebelling” against something, you are still being constricted by it. You cannot say “no” to something without having that something present to say “no” to. You cannot be a rebel without something to rebel against, and in the process of being against something you give that something power over you. As a result your resistance of it locks you into being defined by it. This is true whether it is a way of being that you rebel against, a cause or even a person. One way out of this trap is to embrace and be at peace with both the rebel and that which you wish to rebel against.

What are you defending?

Whatever your political or religious views (or any any other views, or beliefs about yourself), they can either make life better, or they can be a fortress that keeps you from meaningful connections with others, from openness to new opportunities, new learning, and making a difference in the world. By noticing when you go into reactivity, you can learn how to hold your views in a way that supports growth and awakening rather than inhibit it. You may even discover you have expanded beyond the viewpoints and they now feel too limiting for you to ever go back.

Who is the “you” that wants things to be a specific way?

Are you addicted to your self? If you want to be in the awakening fast lane and experience as Spirit, as Oneness, addiction to selfhood can hold you back. The next time you want things to be a specific way, notice what happens when there is no longer a “you” wanting. What happens to the energy of wanting without a “you” there to attach to it?

Please note: this does not mean you should ignore your physical body and its needs and desires. Your body is a divine gift and an important part of experiencing all the love/beauty/grace the divine has to offer. You will find, as you release your addiction to selfhood, that your physical experience is improved and enhanced by the awakening that unfolds.

Taking it further

I recommend going over this list again. Which things resonated strongly? When did you notice resistance (this includes skepticism and “being realistic.”). When did you think about putting it aside for another time? If you notice yourself going into resistance or avoidance, you can use the technique in the last paragraph of “It cannot happen because ____.”

If you want a more structured approach to addressing ways you are keeping stuck, if you want to take the process deeper, or if you want support as you go along, “Becoming Delightfully Unstuck,” is designed for these things and more.

Many blessings to you on your path,

Linda White Dove

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Ascension Trio Sample

heart dream catcher

I’m working on three new recordings. I’m calling them the Ascension Trio and they will be available in a few days. If you would like a taste of these energies, simply relax, and state your intention (out loud or silently) to receive the sample of the Ascension Trio. Then allow a few minutes for it to unfold. No need to contact me to ask for the transmission. All you have to do is read and follow the instructions in this paragraph and you are all set. It will work once per person. You can share this post with others using the buttons below and it will work for them too.

Blessings of awakening,

Linda White Dove

The Ascension Trio Recordings will be available via my website.


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People are not Toxins


I’ve noticed a lot of self help quotes lately that refer to “toxic” people. Every time I see this, I want to cringe. A person can be a good fit or a bad fit for you. They can be someone you want to have around, or someone you choose to not have around, but labeling someone as “toxic,” feels damaging to both the person being labeled and the one doing the labeling.

Nobody is inherently a walking toxin, unless perhaps they’ve been exposed to a dangerous amount of radiation or something and can contaminate others (yes I have a strange sense of humor). We are all just going about our lives, some more aware than others, each doing the best we can, or not.

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Sirian Heart Opening Activation

heart hands light

The goal of this Sirian Heart Opening Activation is to activate (or more deeply activate) the Sirian energies and consciousness within you to facilitate and support the opening of your heart and heart chakra.

You can call on this activation as often as you wish. Each time you call upon it, you strengthen your connection with the Sirian energies and consciousness, further opening your heart. If you are a healer, you may notice with repeated use of this activation, an increased ability to channel the energies and consciousness of Sirius and to offer these energies to others via hands on and distance healing.

The Sirian Heart Opening Activation can be used as often as you need it. It has no expiration date. It will be held in its perfection between uses, ready for whenever you need it. Each time you wish to use it, simply follow the easy and quick instructions in this document to receive it. No need to contact me to arrange an appointment. Everything you need is right here in this document you are reading, combined with your intention to receive and my intention to send.

Instructions for receiving your Sirian Heart Opening Activation: relax, close your eyes, and state your intention out loud or silently, to receive your Sirian Heart Opening Activation in accordance with your highest good. This is all you have to do. You will probably feel subtle energy moving as the activation unfolds within you but it works even if you do not feel anything. If you feel energy moving, you will know the activation is complete when the energy winds down. If you do not feel the energy moving, just allow 20 minutes before resuming other activities. To avoid dizziness and disorientation, be sure to ground your energy well before you get up!

For your convenience, you can view this document on any computer or print as many copies for yourself as you wish. After reading the instructions from the document a few times, you can receive your activation without needing to refer to this document. Just state your intention as per the instructions and you are all set. 

Note: For your safety, please do not use this activation while driving. Also, alcohol and activations like this one do not mix well. Do not drink on the same day you use this activation.


For more awesome awakening offerings:

Linda White Dove


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5 Ways You May Be Keeping Yourself Stuck, And What To Do About It

waterfall with rainbow

If you feel like you are in a rut, or things are not happening the way you want despite your efforts, you might be keeping yourself stuck without even realizing it. Here are 5 ways you may be keeping yourself stuck and what to do about it.


You’ve probably heard the saying “What you resists persists.”  What are you resisting? Resistance requires a lot of energy that can be used for other things. It will also wear you out until eventually you either surrender or it manifests as illness, relationship difficulties, financial difficulties, etc.  What if resistance is a gift? Not something to fear or a sign that something is “wrong” with you but a blessing?

The Desire to Control

The desire to control is ultimately a way to try and protect yourself from what you fear.  It can show up as trying to manipulate people to get what you want (which is still protecting yourself from what you don’t want). It may be a bunch of requirements you feel need to be met before you are willing to do or try something.  This is very common and often you may be unaware your requirements are actually limitations.  By comparing your fears and the conflicts in your relationships you can get clearer on how they are connected and how you might be controlling with others. To get clear on “requirements” you have put on situations it is often helpful to ask for the perspective of others you know and trust. Pay special attention to where you feel resistance or reactivity to what they have to say.

Believing You Already Know the Answers and Options

Need money immediately, but your paycheck is not for another week? You have nobody to ask to loan you the funds and cannot think of any other options so you conclude it is not possible.  Do you believe that the type of illness you have is genetic and you are stuck with it for the rest of your life? Think all the good men/women are already taken? These are just a few examples of how you limit yourself with your beliefs of what is possible.  However, if you can be willing and open to not having all the answers, it creates space for something new.

Incomplete Forgiveness

Take a look at the behaviors of the people who hurt you. Think of each person and what they did (or did not do).  If you look closely, you will likely notice similarities in what the people did and how you felt inside about yourself as a result.  Forgiving the person is only half of the healing process. It is like the flower on a plant. Addressing how you felt /feel about yourself is the root.

Your Stories

Everything you think and believe about yourself, about others and about life are just thoughts and beliefs. Who you actually are, who others are and what life is, has nothing to do with your thoughts and beliefs. These are stories not the actual thing itself. With this awareness, you can choose to experience beyond the stories or to choose stories that work for you…and to change the stories as needed rather than get mired down in them when they don’t work.

As you work through these 5 ways you keep yourself stuck, you will be opening yourself to change, flow, and greater ease.  Think about your life and how it would feel to have change, flow and ease. If you feel any fear or sense tension or construction, go back through this article and apply the information until you feel comfortable and ready to move forward.

If you would like more assistance in becoming unstuck, or would like to address more ways you may be keeping yourself stuck, I offer “Becoming Delightfully Unstuck,” a 21 day process of guided meditation and healing mp3s. Each mp3 packs a lot of transformation into just a few minutes each day! Designed to fit into even the busiest of schedules, they can even be played with the volume turned off while you are relaxing, sleeping, meditating or going about your daily activities (except while driving or doing activities where focus is required for safety). Once through the program you can use it again and again to keep your life flowing as it is meant to be.

Click here to purchase “Becoming Delightfully Unstuck.”


” I was taken on the most wonderful and unexpected healing journey using Linda’s “Becoming Delightfully Unstuck” 21 day audio healings. Feeling “stuck” is an on going pattern for me in my life. I chose to make Career Stuckness my sole focus to clear during the 21 days. That was my intention, but that’s not what happened.

Turns out I rarely thought of my career issues or goals. My need to control the way the program was supposed to go and supposed to heal me vanished during the first audio session. Instead my mind and thoughts were instinctively directed to letting go and letting Linda guide me with her gentle guidance. During each audio sesh, as I called them, the lifelong belief systems about my lack of self worth and forgiveness, my need to control things out of fear and resistance started emerging. Most of them I was fully aware of. I like putting things on the back burner to someday get to, look at and resolve. Some were surprises to me. All of these were aching to be seen in the light of day to be revealed like little children needing love and attention.

At first glance some of the titles I thought I didn’t need. Or they probably wouldn’t do much. They turned out to be the gems of the group for me. There were audios that made me weep, others I immediately felt a shift from and others lead me in a lovely trance like state for a few moments.

Linda’s audios are deceptively simple and yet are so profound in the loving healing punch they deliver. I love and appreciate how short they are and that I have the ability to play them silently. Linda explains in each audio how and what each one is used for. She gives visual examples which help so much. There is no thinking or guessing on how to use them. Linda did all of the work for me. I just sat back and let go.

Without even focusing on it, I am actually closer to my career goal than I thought I would be after 21 days. It was the shifts in how I saw myself, my feelings of capability and self deservingness that I cleared in the program that is leading me closer to my dream. This is a program that I can use over and over again on every issue and challenge I have. I’m so excited that I have Linda’s healing love to help me through each one of them.” ~J.H.

Click here to purchase “Becoming Delightfully Unstuck.” 


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Acceptance and Non-Attachment

rainbow tree

Acceptance and non-attachment are two of the most important attributes to develop in living Oneness. Although at first it may seem like these are opposites that contradict each other, they actually work well together, each adding to the other.

Acceptance is letting go of the struggle mentality around something. With struggle, you exert a lot of effort that can be better put to use. When you struggle, you are so busy fighting and pushing away, you are unable to see the problem for what it is and find the solution. When you push something away, you deny its existence and therefore cannot address it because you cannot address what you do not experience.

Many people think acceptance means giving up; being passive. That is not acceptance. Acceptance is mental and emotional flexibility. It is a form of mental and emotional martial art, like aikido. Aikido teaches how to work with the “energies” of push and pull. It teaches that when someone pulls you towards them, instead of resisting and trying to pull away, if you move in their direction, working with the momentum they have provided, they have no power over you. Acceptance likewise involves going with the flow, using the energies present in a situation, regardless of how adverse it may seem, as a partner in your process. Acceptance means rolling with the changes. Nowhere does aikido say that it is about allowing yourself to be harmed. And although aikido is referred to as self defense, it is also common sense.

Non-attachment is about un-attaching from the details of the smaller picture of individual fears and limiting beliefs in order to know the larger picture, the holistic context in which the individual situations exist. When you are attached to (invested in) fear and limiting beliefs, you manifest in accordance with that and the result is more fear and limitation. When you realize the fear and limiting beliefs for what they are, you can disengage from them and engage something more fulfilling.

There are several common misconceptions about non-attachment. One common misconception is confusing non-attachment with detachment. Detachment is disconnecting from yourself, others and the world around you. Non-attachment is a deep engagement with and trust in the larger picture of life that allows the person to not need the details of life to be a specific way. It is way of living which allows you to experience, appreciate, enjoy and nurture the spiritual in the material. Living in non-attachment is a form of mental and emotional flexibility and is very different from detachment which is like rigidly shutting down. To live in non-attachment is to realize that every emotion, thought and response to life has the same unconditional love as its core essence.

Another common misconception about non-attachment is that it means not caring. Friendships and other relationships are formed based on common desires, compatible beliefs, shared emotions and similar responses to everyday experiences and global events. Underlying the shared beliefs, emotions and responses is often a shared sense of lack, limitation fear and anger. When you move beyond the lack, limitation, fear and anger, you still care, but you have different responses to other people, world events and your own experiences. Acceptance and non-attachment enable you to experience the perfection; the wholeness in every moment.

This article is an excerpt from “Dancing Your Life.”

Read more here.


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The Sacred In Sacred Sexuality

heart hands light


The term sacred sexuality is in a way misleading because it can be interpreted to imply that sometimes sex is sacred and sometimes it is not. As human beings we are born with certain instincts and urges such as the urge to eat when we are hungry and to sleep when we are tired. We also have a sex drive. All three of these natural urges are necessary for our survival. Food and sleep keep us alive and so the innate need for them is an important part of our being human, so much so that it the urge is automatic. Go long enough without food and your hunger increases and increases until you can think of nothing else but how hungry you are and/or you will waste away and die. In the case of sleep you will eventually fall asleep whether you consciously want to or not.

As humans, our sex drive also has a purpose. Yes, it helps us keep our species going by creating new life, but it has another purpose as well; it is a homing signal, a reminder of from where we originated and of what is important in life. In fact, our sex drive is so strong and so important to express that it will be expressed in one way or another. Even if we try to tame it, express it in only in ways we think are socially acceptable, hold it in due to shame, fear of what others will think, cultural conditioning or other reasons, it will express, just perhaps in a way that is unfulfilling or even violent in its misdirection. Sex in and of itself is not dangerous, it is how we approach it, stifle it, misdirect it and color it with our own agendas based on past experiences, beliefs, etc. that make sex seem like less than the innate, beautiful, fulfilling experience that it ultimately is.

One of the reasons we crave sex so much is because of how wonderful it feels. This is such common knowledge that it is woven into our culture in just about every way possible. It is on our minds a lot (have you ever read one of those studies asking people how often they think about sex?!) and it is even part of how many of the products we use are promoted. Sex is part of how we respond to the people around us, and based on their response to us, we form opinions about ourselves. Sex is probably part of most every interaction we have, one way or another. It is a mental process as much as a physical thing that we “do” with someone. It is a foundation for how we feel about ourselves and how we take that sense of self into the world on a day to day basis. You can even think of sex as a currency or current of energy that we exchange in how we perceive others, how we respond to them based on that perception and how we feel about ourselves as a result. And interaction and exchange takes place, even if it is very subtle.

One of the gifts of having a sex urge is that it drives us to meet that need which often brings us together with others who also wish to meet that need. In the sexual interaction, an energy (current) exchange takes place physically but it again also takes place in how we feel about ourselves and the other(s) based on the interaction. Our past experiences have created expectations of ourselves, of our partner(s) and of the experience created together. Where it falls short of fulfillment, it is easy to attribute this to something about men, women, sex, the person or people you are with or to yourself. Thus sex has the capacity to stir up a lot of baggage, which we often continually perpetuate upon ourselves and each other. When this happens, sex can feel unfulfilling both physically and emotionally. Regardless of how much sex we may be having, if it is not fulfilling, it just leaves us wanting more and more as we try to get our fill. And if we have sex while feeling lack of trust, past hurts, repressed anger, etc. it is hard to really enjoy it fully because we are closed off to what makes sex most juicy (openness to experience it). This is similar to how some people approach food or other substances or experiences. More is not necessarily better. Nor is variety in terms of partners necessarily going to bring about the fulfillment we seek, it is how we choose to experience something that makes it fulfilling and sustaining. Experiencing the sacred in sexuality is a path of sexual and life fulfillment because it helps us to experience the whole of what sex is and what we are. Once we experience this wholeness, everything can be fulfilling if we so choose. Sex is never quite the same again.

Sacred sexuality can be thought of like stopping to smell the roses. Life is full of colors, textures, small details, tastes, sounds and more that are always present when you choose to take notice. A piece of fruit can be savored for its color, shape, size, scent, texture, taste and how it is presented (among other things). Or in a hurry to feed a hunger, we can gulp it down and not notice any of this, and feeling like we are still hungry for more of something. Sacred sexuality brings our attention to what is already present in our own bodies, in the bodies of others (if you choose to share the experience with others) and in what is created between people in the moment. In this regard sex is somewhat like dancing. An exchange of current (energy) takes place that is not just two or more people, it is something in and of itself that contains and includes whoever is present as one experience together. What’s more is that as you become aware of the sensations in your own body, it has a positive impact on the body of your partner(s) and of the overall experience.

Some people equate sacred sexuality with specific types of practices and/or techniques such as those of Tantra. Tantra is one approach to sacred sexuality but there are others such as Kama Sutra, Healing Love and more. Also, sacred sexuality can be experienced and enjoyed any time a person or people chose to savor the sensations and experience of pleasure in the moment. It can be independent of any specific approach or practices. Many people find the practices/techniques to be helpful in learning how to be aware and present to what is happening in the moment instead of stuck in the mental and emotional baggage and limiting self beliefs from the past. Since this type of conditioning is so much a part of how we interact, I believe learning and using practices and techniques such as breathwork, sound, eye contact and body movements are extremely valuable and helpful. However, it is important to keep in mind that these practices and techniques are not the full picture of sacred sexuality; they are just ways to be present and open to the fullness and wholeness of the moment. Many people equate sacred sexuality with techniques and lose track of sacred sexuality in its whole and ultimate form, which is the gift of being present (presence).
When people are truly present to themselves and each other sexually, their thoughts and baggage melts away and they become aware of the life force that sustains and unites them. The experience of divinity from which they came opens inside and around them and the feeling is exhilarating and pleasurable and much more. It is as if your senses open up even more and you feel pleasure/divinity/life force in greater depth and breadth because you are open to feeling more of it. It is always there and it is limitless. Sacred sexuality opens you to more of what is always present and this openness extends beyond “having sex” to an openness in everyday life, although the sex is really wonderful and that is a great reason for sacred sexuality in and of itself!

One of the great things about sacred sexuality is that you can choose to experience it at any time. Sexuality is life force energy (current) and it is always present. With practice you will be able to feel and enjoy your sexuality any time you wish, even if you are not with any other person or not in a relationship. Sacredness is about how you perceive things, about the openness to experiencing the divine within and around you. Any time you experience life force energy, you are experiencing sexuality. And when you shift your perception to go beyond mental conditioning, baggage, etc. by being present to the sensations in the moment, you are tuning into the sacred. Sacredness and sexuality are one…if you choose to experience them as such. From the experience of sacredness and sexuality being one, you can sense the sacredness in all experiences and all people. In life and in the bedroom, sacred sexuality can include things that many people would not typically define as sacred. However, if you are open to experiencing sacredness, you will learn from experience that it is everywhere. It is life changing and ultimately I believe it is what sacred sexuality is truly about.

A friend of mine once told me that sacred sexuality is not so much about knowing the sacredness in sex, but more about knowing that sexuality is the foundation of everything sacred in life and about life. He dreams of the day when not only would sacred be used to define sexuality but sexuality would be used to define and understand sacredness. Humanity has separated itself from sexuality; and when we objectify sexuality, we objectify ourselves by cutting ourselves off from our sacred source. Sacred sexuality is about being present to the fullness, the perfection, of our experience as human beings with our hearts and senses open to the depth and breadth that life is.

Linda White Dove

More on Sacred Sexuality here, and also here.

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Your Super Blessing!


magical forest number 3

Your Super Blessing!

This post contains everything you need to receive a free healing session combining the Awareness Blessing, and several techniques from the Mystery Mastery Healing System to intensify the benefits from the Blessing and your ability to receive and integrate it with ease.

The Awareness Blessing is a transfer of awareness energies to the mind/body organism. This can lead to deep peace, love, quieting the mind and for some instant awakening.

The Mystery Mastery Healing System is a new paradigm, systemic based, master key to healing and awakening. It can be used as a stand alone system for healing and awakening or combined with other healing or spiritual practices.

Here are the instructions for receiving Your Super Blessing: sit (or lie down), relax, close your eyes and state your intention (out loud or silently) to receive it in accordance with your highest good. Then allow approx. 20-30 minutes for the session to unfold. This is all you need to do to receive. You do not need to contact me, there is no cost, and you do not have to purchase anything. Simply read this post and follow the instructions in this paragraph and you are all set.

If you sense energy moving, you will know the Blessing is complete when the energy winds down. If you do not sense energy moving, just allow 30 minutes. Be sure to take your time getting up afterwards. Do some grounding, drink extra water and get extra sleep if you feel tired. You may be sleepy afterwards, or you may be extra alert and focused for a while before tiredness sets in.

For your safety, do not receive this Blessing while driving. This Blessing does not mix well with alcohol so it is best to not drink on the day you choose to receive it. This Blessing is not a substitute for professional medical or mental health care.

The Blessing will work once per person. You can use it today or save it up for another time.

Like your Blessing? Share the information on your social networks using the buttons below so others can benefit too!

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